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Top 5 Benefits of Buying a New-Build Home

When looking to buy a home, do you buy new or established? SA Home Buyer share their top 5 benefits of buying a new-build home.

One of the first decisions when starting out on the hunt to buy a house is whether you want to buy an established home or go off-plan and purchase a new-build home. While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, SA Home Buyer, the new-build experts in South Australia, share the top 5 benefits of buying a new-build home.

Get What You Want

When you buy a new-build home, you have the opportunity to build the house that suits your unique and specific family needs. With a good selection of reputable house builders to choose from, along with a vast selection of floor plans on offer, finding the right layout to suit your needs and budget is a relatively easy task.

“A house purchase is, for most people, the most expensive purchase they will ever make in their life,” says Jason Keiller, head of SA Home Buyer in Adelaide, South Australia. “It makes sense to offer buyers the option to buy what they want. And they can get what they want when they buy a new-build home.”

Energy Efficiency

New-build homes are built with energy efficiency in mind. They are tested and energy rated to meet strict energy efficient building guidelines. Heating and cooling, sound, sunlight and ventilation are just some of the aspects that new-build homes are graded for their energy efficiency. Building from new allows buyers to adapt any of these aspects to suit, such as increasing insulation, including solar or rainwater tanks or installing double glazing to certain areas of the home.

The more energy efficient your home, the less you will likely be paying in utilities and, over the medium to long term, an energy efficient home will save you money on your monthly utility bills.

Less Stamp Duty

When buying an established home in South Australia, all buyers must pay Stamp Duty, a tax paid to the State Government of South Australia. This Stamp Duty tax is calculated on the value of the entire property, the value of the house and the land. When you buy a new-build home, you only pay Stamp Duty based on the value of the land only.

“The difference in how much Stamp Duty you pay on an established house purchase compared to a new-build purchase is significant, usually in the tens of thousands of dollars,” says Jason Keiller. “Trying to scrape together the deposit is difficult enough for most buyers, let alone when they have to come up with an additional $15,000 or so to pay the Stamp Duty on an established home.”

First Home Owners Grant

Applicable for those who are first home buyers and meet the set criteria, the South Australian Government offer the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) of $15,000 to use as a deposit. However, once of the criteria of the First Home Owners Grant is that it is only payable on a new-build home, not an established, second-hand home.

For this reason alone, the vast majority of first home buyers prefer purchasing a new-build home, as an extra $15,000 goes a long way to getting you into your first home quickly and with much less financial pressure.

Easy Maintenance

A new-build home offers low maintenance home ownership for many years. Plumbing, electrical and fixtures and fittings are all brand new and so have a lot of life in them. Not to mention the décor is to the purchaser’s choice and can be as neutral, or as vibrant, as they wish. With a new-build home you get easy maintenance with no need for repairs and renovations for many years to come.

SA Home Buyer Specialists in New-Build Packages

SA Home Buyer specialise in selling new-build house and land packages to first home buyers. Assisting with deposit and with purchase is what Jason Keiller and the team at SA Home Buyer focus on providing for each and every one of their clients, whether they be first home buyers, second home buyers or seasoned investors. For further information, contact SA Home Buyer on 08-7200-1117 or visit today.